Why Green Cleaning?


By now you have read and heard enough information to know that a safe, non-toxic home environment is crucial to the good health of you and your family. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of articles about toxic cleansers and about how your indoor air quality in the average home is worse than the outdoor air quality. Right from the start, Windsor Maid Services was dedicated to creating a cleaning program to combat these issues for our clients.
We love our green cleaning program here at Windsor Maid Services. We believe it allows us to provide the very best products and equipment and make the healthiest environment possible in our client’s homes. We’ve already talked before about our favorite chemical free piece of equipment for disinfection and deep-down cleansing, the Ladybug Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning System, so today I want to talk our favorite cleansers.
Our favorite cleansing products is a line of Hydrogen Peroxide based cleansers that is a fantastic disinfectant, it’s non-toxic, and does not increase VOC loads to trigger allergies, asthma or common chemical sensitivities. This stuff does an amazing job in kitchens and bathrooms as a cleanser and a disinfectant. Sometimes folks have the mistaken idea that green= less effective. The science of cleaning has come very far in the last decade and these natural and green products are amazing and extremely effective.

We are so dedicated to the idea of being green here at Windsor that we practice good environmentally friendly corporate citizenship in every way we can.

  • Our fleet of cars was purchased with an eye towards reducing our carbon footprint and we send teams of two so there is a minimum number of cars on the road.
  • We also buy local products when possible.
  • We buy in bulk and we buy concentrates so we can re-use our spray bottles and reduce the amount waste we send to the landfill
  • We don’t use paper towels.
  • We use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs in our offices, as well as very good insulation.

Prepare Your House For Fall & Winter


 All summer long, you’ve been dreaming about hot cocoa, falling snow, and the holidays that come with fall and winter. Sure, the sun and warmth are fun, but there’s nothing quite like the cooler months.

 As you mentally get ready for the seasonal changes ahead, you have to think about your house. Is it ready for the cold? Now is the time to work on both the inside and outside of your home. Here’s why this is vital to you and your family. Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

Why Preparations Are A Must

When fall begins, there are so many other things you’d like to do besides home maintenance. There’s football, bonfires, and even decorating the house for Halloween. But if you want to keep the value in your house and have a warm, cozy winter, you need to prepare for fall and winter.

 The thing is that you could be facing some major (and expensive) problems without winterizing. For example, you know how it can drop below freezing at night in Dallas, TX. That means your lawn can suffer and cold wind can sneak through drafts. Eventually, the nasty weather can even cause leaks or damaged pipes.

 By preparing a bit now before the weather gets too cold, you can save costly repairs later on. Besides, don’t you want to feel comfortable when it’s cold outside?

Keeping The Cold Out

To make sure you and your family are comfortable, you should start by winterizing the inside of your home. Take a lit candle and carefully check for drafts around your windows and exterior doors. If you have any drafts, use caulk for windows or a draft snake for doors. Stopping drafts keep your house warmer while saving you money on your utility bills.

 US News & World Report recommends buying a water heater blanket. As with drafts, this will reduce your monthly water bill while giving your family more hot water when they need it.

 Some other tips include:

  • Have your furnace inspected and cleaned by a professional so it doesn’t fall apart mid-winter.
  • Heavy drapes and rugs can make things cozier as well.
  • If you have a fireplace, make sure the flue closes correctly to stop one massive draft.

Working On Your Home’s Exterior

Your home is more than a building; it’s the land it sits on as well. If you’re like most homeowners, you prize having a healthy, green lawn. That’s why you need to work on the outside of your home as well.

HGTV explains that you need to know your grass variety. Cool-season grasses need fertilizer since they grow in fall. By adding needed nutrients now, your lawn can start spring looking amazing. Warm-season grass can also be fertilized if your soil needs it. In addition, make sure you lower your mower’s blade and cut the grass very low. This lets more sunlight reach the grass instead of shadow.

Once the leaves stop falling, turn your attention to your gutters and downspouts. You’ll need to make sure they’re completely cleaned out: leaving them clogged will drive more water into your foundation, which can cause serious damage. If your home has several stories or if you dread being up no a ladder to do this kind of work, consider hiring a professional. In the Dallas area, Home Advisor estimates a cost of $124-$206 for gutter and downspout cleaning.

 Fall Cleaning

Spring isn’t the only time to air things out and let things go. Fall is the perfect time to clear the closets of too-small clothing, broken flip flops, and those trendy tank tops you never wore. Further fall cleaning should reduce clutter and focus on the areas you don’t usually think about, such as baseboards and the interior of the cabinets. A good carpet and fridge cleaning will also go a long way toward increasing your winter-weather home satisfaction. If the idea of adding one more chore to your to-do list is overwhelming, consider reaching out to friends, family, or a reputable cleaning service for assistance.

 Be Prepared For The Cold

Skipping out on end-of-summer maintenance is a bad idea. By doing a little work now on the inside and outside of your house, you can get through the colder months with comfort and ease. And, it can save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. 

Fantastic Disinfection with NO CHEMICALS!


The Ladybug is the professional steam cleaner that we use here at Windsor Maid Services.  It always makes me smile that such a serious piece of professional cleaning equipment has such a lighthearted name!

Dry Steam Vapor such as the Ladybug uses can be a very effective way to disinfect and clean your home without harsh chemicals.   You do not need a lot of liquid for a steam system to work effectively.  When thermal energy is efficiently delivered to the surface, the machine can disinfect, deodorize and clean in 5 to 7 seconds, much quicker than liquid disinfectants that can take up to 10 minutes of dwell time to disinfect.

We love using the Ladybug on wood and laminate floors because it uses less liquid than mopping, and because clients rave at how nice their floors look.  Another benefit to using the lady bug on any hard floor surface is the lack of chemicals means there is no annoying cleanser residue left behind that is hard to get off, no dulling the surface and no build up over time requiring removal.

We also use the Ladybug on surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms to provide disinfection.  It’s fast, efficient, and we know it is effective, unlike the common procedure of spraying on a chemical disinfectant and wiping off, many times too soon for the disinfection to occur.

We all LOVE using the Ladybug, we hope you will get a chance to see this neat piece of equipment in action soon!


My name is Mona Gatens and I am the owner of Windsor Maid Services.  Windsor came about because I had been in the healthcare industry for 26 years and I was looking to make a change from the corporate environment.

 It took a few years of looking to decide that a cleaning company was what I wanted to do, and I found out by accident. My life had gotten so busy, I no longer had time to keep up with my house on my own.  I decided that my time was my most valuable asset and to get some of it back, I would find someone to clean my home. What a journey that was!  I had many people in and out of my home over a six month period.   With my background in healthcare and my dedication to a healthy clean home for my family, I was often surprised by the lack of good cleaning practices, basic hygiene practices, lack of professionalism, and poor value for my hard earned dollars.  A few times I wondered if my home and property were safe.

I remarked to my husband after a particularly bad house cleaning, “ I am so frustrated, I could do a much better job than anyone I’ve paid to do it for me.”  He said, “Maybe this is what you should be doing?”   I realized I could take the skills I learned in healthcare, (attention to detail, health and hygiene, and the highest quality of service) and apply them in the house cleaning industry. 

I sat down and made a list of what was important to me in a Cleaning Service and used that list to create Windsor Maid Services.  My priority list was:

  1. Quality
  2. Reliability
  3. Safety
  4. Professionalism
  5. Healthy home environment and improved indoor air quality
  6. A wonderful experience

I thought that for many people a Maid Service is a luxury so it should FEEL like a luxury and our White Glove Service was born!

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